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Sustainability, Environment & Community

At the core of Elements of Castor Bay's values is a deep understanding of our responsibility to be the guardians and the protectors of this place we call home for our future generations. We are committed to environmental and social sustainability, and making a difference in our community through our interaction with our contractors, suppliers and customers.



Elements has made the Tiaki Promise which is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now, and for future generations. By following the Tiaki Promise, we are making a commitment to act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.

Paperless – including electronic or contactless check-in and check out.

Energy and Water Efficiency – we focus on this area through our LED lightbulbs, motion sensors, rain sensors and water restrictors.

Eco-Friendly Products – We work with suppliers such as Ashley & Co. that have sustainability as part of their business core, and who focus on reducing their carbon footprint, packaging waste, and natural resource usage. 

Team & Community – we support local by buying local produce, using where possible local NZ owned and operated companies for our team of contractors and working with New Zealand organisations to support and improve our communities. 

Our support in 2022 for Trees That Count provided funding for 50 trees to be planted by Hauraki Islands Forrest and Bird on Waiheke Island, and we have provided funding for another 50 trees awaiting planting for 2023.


Our Environmental Policy

Elements is committed to:
* giving full consideration to the sustainable and responsible use of resources in all that we do;
* showing leadership in environmentally sustainable practice, being accountable for our environmental/carbon footprint  and raising awareness of environmentally   sustainable activities;
* finding and embedding sustainable solutions for our operations (including those related to waste, energy, water, food, built environment, and procurement);
* considering economic, health, social and environmental resilience / regeneration during our decision-making processes which is future-focused, while reflecting on the past.

The name 'Elements' comes from the five elements we are surrounded in — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.   The logo represents the coming together, or union of those elements in harmony, which captures the essence of what we aim to offer.

Elements in the Community - Westlake Boys Running Team

Aug 2023 - Elements was delighted to support the Fundraiser for the Westlake Boys Running Team and their trip to Kenya in 2024. In addition to helping keen Westlake runners enjoy the trip of a lifetime to Kenya, the support also helped buying sports gear and sports uniform for the boys to donate to Abel Kirui (World Double Marathon Champion) to develop sports provisions for his school the "Little Joy Academy". Well done Westlake Boys!